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Owners only

Now that you have become a rightful owner of property in Santa Marina Holiday Village you need to proceed due 2 more steps:

  1. During your first stay, we kindly ask you to spend some time to make sure everything in your apartment is in order. Should there be any small faults, such as cupboards not closing properly, please, let us know, so that we make things right.
  2. To set up an account with the electricity supply company, you need to fill in an application form, provide them with a copy of the title deed and pay the registration fee per electricity meter. The office of the electricity supply company is located in the town of Primorsko.

Each year, you should count with 3 costs for your apartment in Santa Marina:

  • Every physical and legal person in Bulgaria owes two kinds of communal taxes when owning a property in Bulgaria: tax on real estate properties (i.e. buildings) and a fee for waste disposal. The value of the communal taxes for Santa Marina apartments for this year varies between BGN 100 and 500 (EUR 50 – 250).
  • The annual fee for the maintenance of the holiday village is set in your Contract for the Maintenance and Management of the Santa Marina Complex. The concrete costs depend on the size of your apartment. Therefore, the fee varies between EUR 600 and 2,000 per annum.
  • Utility bills in Bulgaria are not high. Given the current level of utility prices and assuming normal consumption of electricity, water, telephone, Internet, cable TV, etc. the total cost of utility bills will amount to about EUR 450 – 500 per apartment per annum.

Certainly, you may choose to do all the needed registrations yourself or have us register you. Santa Marina Team is always on your service!


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