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Traditional Spirit

As Sozopol has more than 2 600 years of history, there are relics of different periods and cultures to be seen: Greek-Roman monuments dating back to the Antiquity and architectural monuments from the Bulgarian Renaissance.

The old town of Sozopol was declared an architectural and archaeological reserve. Preserved the original architecture of the houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Archaeological Museum, Thracian burial mounds, ancient necropolis and ramparts - Sozopol is a place where you can literally travel in the past. Underwater surveys in the port area of the city found traces of dwellings, remains of pottery, stone and bone tools, and many anchors from the second and first millennium BC.

The people in Sozopol are positive, tolerant and traditionally value private property. Most of the local citizens are young and most speak English. Their lifestyle is more representative of the Mediterranean rather than the Slavic culture, with an easy approach to life. Interestingly, one can still hear Greek speech among natives, particularly in the old town of the city. This is partly the result of the area having been at the crossroads of the Greek civilization for more than 2 600 years.

The locals have also become piece of the history. Among the most attractive places are Vyaturnata Melnitsa, Hudozhnitzite, Xantana, Neptun, Kladentsa, Stenata. Some of these are very interesting as they are built over ancient remains after detailed archaeological research and restorations. Such an example is the Stenata Restaurant, the basement of which was used as a grain warehouse far back in time while the Kladenetsa Restaurant was built over a spring, which used to supply the town with drinking water via water pipes.

Sozopol hosts the most popular art festival of contemporary Bulgaria – the Apollonia Festivals of the Arts. Once a year Sozopol becomes a magical place full of creative spirits. The festival spreads over 10 days, gathering both national and international artists. Music, dance, poetry, theater and cinema are celebrated in early September.


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