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New home in 7 steps

To find new home or even a place to stay is always a big deal, but for good or bad every of us need to make a decision like this at least one time in life. It will be a pleasure for us to help you during this process and make you enjoy it.

Your new home in Santa Marina Holiday Village is just 7 steps away!

  1. Property selection – all real estates in sale with their unique specifications (floor, area, large and etc.) can be seen in section „Real Estate “.
  2. Reservation – valid for 21 calendar days after the reservation deposit is paid.
    • Fill and send the reservation form or contact one of our sales associate;
    • In 5 calendar days you need to transfer the deposit with amount of 2 000 EUR;
  3. Signing the sales contract – your Sales Executive will prepare two contracts for you- Preliminary Contract for Purchasing the apartment and the Contract for the Maintenance and Management of Santa Marina Holiday Village. After signing and payment of the first instalment the apartment will be labeled “Sold”.

* The amout of the first installment depends on the stage of completeness of the apartment you have selected. The different payment plans can be seen here.

  1. Construction process – this period usually takes a year and a half. During the process of construction we also keep you informed about the stage of completeness achieved and remind you about payments due.

* If you have purchased an apartment in an initial stage of construction, you will be able to have a word in its internal design. Learn more from your Sales Executive.

  1. Construction almost done – your final installment is due upon issuance of the License for Occupation for the villa where your apartment is located. After that we will proceed with the preparation of the transfer of property rights to you. The preparation process takes between one and two months.
  2. Close the deal – after the signing of the title deed and your payment of the fees to the notary public who will make the respective payments on your behalf and provide you with the receipts together with the registered title deed within a week’s time. With the registration of the title deed with the Registry Agency, you become owner of the apartment.
  3. New home in Santa Marina – after signing the title deed, you shall be handed over the real estate. You are ready to enjoy your new home in Santa Marina Holiday Village!

More information and details about the steps due to the process of becoming residential owner in Santa Marina can be downloaded from here.

For any further questions don`t hesitate to contact us!


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