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Design and construction

The Santa Marina villas are built with special construction materials that are perfectly suitable to the local climate and are a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional natural materials.

Santa Marina Holliday Village is built in the distinct architectural style of the Bulgarian XIX century National Revival period. In addition, for the exterior of villas, 3 basic construction materials that are consistent with Sozopol’s architectural style are used: stones, white wall plaster and traditional wooden coatings. Finally, the typical sloped red tile roofs give a charming finish to the villas.

The warm and cozy apartments are built with an enforced concrete framework supported by external and internal red-brick walls and a double thermo- and hydro-insulation.

The color of walls resembles the color of sand and suits the surrounding environment and different furniture styles that are offered.

To compete the coziness and comfort of interiors, several different furniture packs are offered. All of them are designed to cover 4-strar hotel accommodation requirements.

The furniture packs differ in color, material and style; some examples include:

  • Solid wood: Spanish Brown, White Pine and Oak;
  • MDF: Classic and Sozopol;
  • PDP: Beech tree, Bamboo, Fantasy, Aida, Birch.

Upon request, Santa Marina’s team of experts may provide individual interior design solutions*. These may be produced of other materials. Also, additional pieces of furniture to the already existing packs can be ordered as needed.

*These and other services are provided by the resort’s construction and furnishing companies at an additional cost.


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