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All owners of apartments at Santa Marina contribute to the overall maintenance of the holiday village by paying an annual fee. The amount to be paid depends on the size of the property or properties owned. The amount of the maintenance fee, scope of the maintenance, and the basic rules of using apartments at Santa Marina are part of the maintenance contract, which is obligatory for all owners at Santa Marina. The essence of this contract is to make sure that the complex will remain a comfortable place to live in and will also keep its current aesthetic design.

The maintenance of the complex covers its communal parts: both the communal parts of the buildings and the communal parts of the holiday village (gardens, pools, parking, etc.). The services rendered with regard to the maintenance are:

  • 24-hour year-round security and surveillance for the holiday village;
  • Gardening;
  • keeping gardens and communal areas clean;
  • maintenance of the common equipment of the holiday village;
  • maintenance of the pools;
  • overall management of the complex;
  • on-site manager;
  • receptionist;
  • Life-guards at the pools.

It is important to know that the fee for the first year is payable on the day of transfer of property rights or before that. Certainly, you will receive an invoice for this payment. Then, the annual fee is payable not later than December 31st of the previous year.

*The amount to be paid by owners may change in accordance with the inflation in Bulgaria (change of consumer prices in the country) – these figures are officially published each year by the National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria.

The maintenance of the complex does not cover overhauls inside of apartments, renovations of the supply systems in the villas, taxes and other costs of ownership for the apartments, etc. According to Bulgarian law, these costs are borne by owners. Santa Marina may only pay them on behalf of owners, if they wish to.


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