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Investment company - FairPlay Properties REIT (FPP)

FairPlay Properties REIT (FPP) is a real estate investment trust licensed by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission. The Company was registered on July 28th, 2005. FPP is part of the economic group of FairPlay International JSC and is the first company of the group to be listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE).

FairPlay Properties REIT invests in the acquisition of real estate (plots and buildings), as well as in the development of different types of properties on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. FPP's priority market segments include luxury apartment complexes, retail and office areas and balneological centers.

Since its establishment, the trust has successfully passed through four procedures of capital increases and has had two bond issues. After the fourth capital increase in April of 2008, the fixed capital of the company amounts to BGN 55,825 mln.

The investment portfolio of FairPlay Properties REIT consists of 15 projects in different market segments. As of June 2013, FPP has invested a total of BGN 205 mln. The total value of the investments is expected to reach BGN 444 mln., and the TBA of the developed properties - 386,000 sq. m.

For the period of its operation, FPP became a leader on the local market of real estate securitization. The major shareholder in the trust is FairPlay International JSC with a 57,3% share in its capital. The rest of the shareholders are institutional investors (10 pension funds, 21 mutual funds and investment companies) and over 400 individual and legal entities, as well small investors.

FPP's projects  have been recognized with many awards, including:

  • Santa Marina Holiday Village, Sozopol is the holder of the main award in the FIABCI competition "Prix D' Excellence Awards", April 2013
  • Santa Marina Holiday Village, Sozopol is honored with the prize "Best Holiday village of 2010", by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA)
  • Santa Marina Holiday Village, Sozopol owns the Golden prize "Best Project in Bulgaria" of the Russian magazine awards "Homes Overseas"
  • Santa Marina Holiday Village, Sozopol is the holder of the award "Best Sea Project" from the international competition "Best Project of 2009", organized in the frame of the Yaer of Bulgaria in Russia
  • The webpage of Santa Marina Holiday Village, Sozopol won the "Best webpage in the Real Estate Category" award from the international web festival "Albena 2008"
  • The trust's best project - Santa Marina, Sozopol was also awarded the "Holiday Complex of the Year" from the competition "Building of the Year 2006"
  • The St. Ivan Rilski Hotel, SPA & Apartments, Bansko is distinguished with the award by the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA) for "Best Holiday 4-star hotel in Bulgaria for 2009".

FPP holds several other prestigious awards:

  • „Company with best Corporate Governance in-between the special investment companies for 2006" from the Investors' Association in Bulgaria
  • „Best IR Webpage" for 2008 of the Investorг Relation Directors' Association in Bulgaria
  • Second place in the Annual Rating of Dnevnik newspaper -"The best 100 companies on BSE in Bulgaria for 2009" in the section „Best REIT".

The CEO of the Company -  Mr. Manyu Moravenov, Ph.D. is one of the authors of the National Codex for Corporate Governance and a member of the Bulgarian National Commission for Corporate Governance. He is also the Chairman of the Association of Special Investment Companies.

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