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Home in Bulgaria? Why not!

To find a new home or even a place to stay is always a tuff decision to make. Baying property is one of the hardest thing any man need to do at least once in life. From the shores of the Black Sea to the snowy peaks of the Balkans, Bulgaria is a country with stunning natural beauty and a great selection of villas, cottages, farmhouses and apartments, ideal for your dream holiday home.

7 amazing reasons to buy new home in Santa Marina, Bulgaria: 

  1. Natural Wonders - Bulgaria is a country with beautiful landscape and pleasant continental climate. The relief is varied and features mountains and valleys, rivers and plains, lakes and sea. Some ancient water and volcanic activities have lead to the creation of beautiful rock and cave formations and incredible scenery. The natural wonders of Bulgaria act as an inspirational reminder of the amazing natural diversity of our planet.
  2. All-year guide – Bulgaria’s climate is a combination of continental and Mediterranean influences, which means the country has four quite well-defined seasons and temperatures vary dramatically in different times of the year. In general, you can expect summers to be quite hot and dry and winters to be snowy and freezing, with spring and autumn providing a transition between the two.
  3. Sea and Mountain – Sozopol is absolutely beautiful, there is something very special about the old town here. After spending a day on the beach you can go for dinner in the old town and then take a walk around the streets and enjoy all of the local traditions. And on the next for just 4-5 hours you can be in the mountain enjoy skiing or the excellent Spa centers with thermal water.
  4. Balkan lifestyle - Bulgarians are incredibly friendly and eager to make sure you experience the best of their culture, of which they’re hugely proud. Expect to be delighted by the local food – mix of fresh and cooked vegetables and a lot of meat. The beverages are even better especially the local production of wine.
  5. Stable Economics – Bulgaria has one of the healthiest economics of the countries in the European Union and offers a very good economic climate for foreign investments. The BGN currency – Lev is very stable and the country has not suffered any serious consequences from the world economic crisis.
  6. Affordable and easy – Bulgaria is an incredibly affordable place to live and a very suitable country for those who want to make the most out of their retirement income. All locally grown and produced food items are at least on third of their price in the UK. Drinks in restaurants and bars are times cheaper. The medical care price is always lower than the standard for the EU, but all off the specialists are very high-educated and experienced.
  7. NATO and the European Union – Bulgaria and peace county without any terrorist or mass attacks. On its territory have 3 airports (Sofia, Varna and Burgas) that are in common with every point of the world.


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